Based on several advanced properties such us low power consumption, low cost and fast responsibility, MEMS devices is considered to play an important role for building smart city. Thus,  The first International Workshop on MEMS and Sensor System: MEMS for Smart City (IWMS 2017) was hosted by Saigon High Tech Park (SHTP) and held by The Research Laboratories of Saigon High Tech Park (SHTP Labs) and The Japan Society for Precision Engineering, Technical Committee for MEMS (JSPE). After the success of IWMS 2017, SHTP Labs, Center for Innovative Materials and Architectures (INOMAR) and JSPE organized The second International Workshop on MEMS and Sensor System: MEMS for Smart City (IWMS 2018) in order to strengthen the development of MEMS technology and its application for smart city in Vietnam.

In 2019, SHTP Labs, INOMARCenter for Functional Sensor and Actuator, NIMS (Japan) , and SEMI are going to organize The third International Workshop on MEMS and Sensor System: Sensors and Materials (IWMS 2019). The conference will highlight the latest advances in sensor technology and materials research with a strong emphasis on the interdisciplinary character of these topics.

The sensor session will cover the nanomechanical sensors, biosensors, mems, etc. The materials science session will display a wide range of subtopics, from materials chemistry and physics, surface science, interface science, nanoarchitectonics, etc.

Prospective authors are requested to submit electronically abstracts of their intended papers for screening first, then the 1-2 page papers. The presentation time, including discussion are as follows: Plenary talk – 30 minutes, Parallel Session Presentation – 20 minutes.

Official language: English.

Official e-mail address: all communications including inquiries, registration and submission of abstracts and/or papers, are to be sent to